Job openings with VentureOut, New York

Congratulations to Brian Frumberg, CEO & Founder of VentureOut for growing so much and so fast! Since its foundation in 2012 VentureOut has been a great player in the NYC startup community, helping foreign   entrepreneurs orient themselves when they come to New York seeking partners, funding and business opportunities. Around 200 innovative startups from all over the world take part of VentureOut programs each year. One of their alumni, the Israeli CodiPark, has recently successfully exited, acquired by ParkWhiz.

NowBrian and his team are expanding with new initiatives, and they are hiring. Apply here for a Program Director and a Business Development Analyst.

I remember the first time I met Brian, on October 11, 2012, when Alessandro and I started our research for the book “Tech and the City”. The event was entitled “German Innovation Showcase”, a parade of five German startups. The venue was a kind of “underground” room with not many people attending it… What a difference with today programs!

Brian understood there was a need and he was brave to create his own startup to respond to that need: BRAVO!

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