Many of the schools in New York offer business plan competitions. To get up-to-date information it is best to go to a site like BPC that tracks the many events and competitions taking place in New York.

Very popular are the Hackathons, and has been at the forefront in organizing them. To learn more about HackNY, watch this video.

The City of New York, through NYCEDC, is also involved in organizing business plan competitions. A notable one is NYC Next Idea, organized by NYCEDC’s Center for Economic Transformation together with Columbia’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering, aiming to attract teams from all over the world to relocate to New York.

Another competition opened to entrepreneurs all over the world and organized by the city is NYC Venture Fellows.

Another important appointment is BigApps, a contest organized by the City of New York for the best applications centered around the City, and for which the City makes available its own databases.


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