This blog celebrates New York’s entrepreneurial community.  It is also a companion piece to our book, Tech and the City, being published in the US and Europe in March/April 2013.

Having lived in New York for many years and having participated in the first wave of NY startups, we both felt that a book discussing the origins and the development of the NY tech community (a young but powerful one!) was timely.  New York’s ecosystem is not as developed or established as the ones of Silicon Valley and Boston, but New York is special: it draws from the diversity of its population and industries, delivering a special mix of business, finance, arts, media, design, advertising, fashion and, yes, technology.

The New York tech community is quintessential New York, bringing together people with different backgrounds and experiences, very different from what you can find in Boston or San Francisco, in a city that’s as resilient as they come, where entrepreneurs, investors and the City of New York itself have come together to break down barriers and help one another.

The purpose of this blog is to continue sharing stories, ideas, interviews, pictures and videos of the events we attend and the people we meet, if they are relevant and complementary to the New York entrepreneurial story.

This site is also meant to be a source of information and guide for the entrepreneurs who want to move to this City and need help starting up.  While it will never be complete, we hope it will be a good starting point for many.

Alessandro Piol & Maria Teresa Cometto


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