Suggested Readings and Discussion

Reading and Discussion

Many veterans of the New York startup world, from venture capitalists to entrepreneurs, write blogs that have become discussion forums in the community. Reading and participating in them is a way to understand what is going on.

AVC (Fred Wilson)

Chris Dixon

Continuations (Albert Wenger)

Gotham Gal (Joanne Wilson)

Innonate (Nat Westheimer)

MPD (Mark Peter Davis)

Reaction Wheel (Jerry Newmann)

Redeye VC (Josh Kopelman)

Strong Opinions (Mark Birch)

ThisIsGoingToBeBig (Charlie O’Donnell)

Way Too Early (Howard Morgan)


NY publications with good coverage of New York news include:


Silicon Alley Insider

The New York Times Bits

Startup Digest has a curated list of major news, including a New York section.

Startup Genome lets you search for startups, investors, incubators etc.

We Are NY Tech spotlights every day a member of the NY community.


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