My swissnex webinar

swissnex is an initiative of the Swiss government and is basically a “network with nodes in the world’s most innovative hubs” with the objective of bringing knowledge back to Switzerland’s entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators. It is an interesting organization, whose main objectives are (cut and pasted from their web site):

·       Connect scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and thought leaders with inspiring peers and new ideas on either side of the globe

·       Facilitate academic programs, global innovation strategies, and knowledge exchange

·       Create and present trans-disciplinary projects in imaginative ways

·       Support internationalization efforts of Swiss academic institutions and companies, with a special focus on R&D based start-ups

·       Inform on developments in science, technology, education and innovation policies

They run a number of interesting initiatives, such as bringing groups of entrepreneurs to visit New York, Boston and Silicon Valley (areas where swissnex has presence), organize events and webinars.

In fact, my friend Pierre Dorsaz, who runs swissnex in NY, invited me last Wednesday to do a webinar for Swiss entrepreneurs and discuss both the New York ecosystem and the financing sources that exist in New York. The video was made available on YouTube, and if you are interested it is embedded below.

Start-up Webinar: Venture Investors landscape in New York (VCs, Angels) in New York (A. Piol) – YouTube.

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