Revival of manufacturing in Brooklyn, NYC

“Our goal is to become the leading digital manufacturing company in the world, to bring more manufacturing back to the US where these products are being used,” says to NYPost Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder and chief product officer of East Williamsburg-based Voodoo Manufacturing, where some 200 robotically operated printers churn out everything from cookie cutters to fully functional prosthetic hands.

Some 200 3-D printers at Voodoo Manufacturing in Brooklyn (by Ellis Kaplan)

Upper West Side native Schwartz, 27, and two college buddies founded Voodoo Manufacturing three years ago after leaving 3-D printer creator MakerBot, also based in Brooklyn.
It’s a new wave of 3-D printing business that can be the key to resuscitating New York’s long-dormant manufacturing industry.
It started with MakerBot, founded by Bre Pettis: in “Tech and the City” we described him as “an evangelist of <the maker movement,> that is people who create, invent, repair, transform or improve things as a way of stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship. The common thread is the criticism of the model of capitalism that took us into the Great Recession and the search for a way out, using the ingenuity of the individual. And having fun doing it!”
In 2013 MakerBot was acquired by Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS).

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