Networking Opportunities

There are many opportunities to network with companies, entrepreneurs and investors. There are multiple events in New York every night. Fortunately you can subscribe to a few newsletters that will help you keep track of what’s going on. New York Tech Meetup is probably the best known of the regular events. 800+ tickets are sold every month to attend the event at the Skirball Auditorium at NYU and they are regularly sold out. You can also watch the event simulcast at other locations in New York or streamed on the web. Meetup is the company that provides the online infrastructure for all the meetup events, and on its site you can find a great number of meetings on a variety of subjects that fit your interests.


Gary’s Guide publishes a list of upcoming events via a weekly newsletter, but on the web site you can also look at a list of classes and job opportunities.

Charlie O’Donnell publishes a weekly newsletter of events from his blog.

Startup Digest also has a list of local events you can subscribe to.

Organizations—events, networking, mentoring, job opportunities

Columbia Venture Community

NY Venture Community


New York Tech Meetup

TiE, Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally

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